A Guide on Using the Sentinel SOLAR dVPN App

VPN connection, you may have heard about it, People use it to prevent themselves against internet hackers, stream movies and browse the internet safely. But what exactly is VPN?

The term “virtual private network” refers to the ability to create a secure network connection while using public networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and hide your true identity on the internet. Third parties will have a harder time tracking your online activities and stealing data as a result of this.

You’re probably aware of a few VPN services that are now available. A single legal organization provides both apps and servers. Nobody knows who they are, thus it provides a single point of failure. Is their commitment to the No Logs Policy genuine, or are they secretly selling your data to third parties and authorities? Furthermore, censorship is considerably easier for governments to do — they simply prohibit everything from that legal entity, and that’s it.

This brings us to dVPN, The “D” in “dVPN” stands for “decentralization.” In the case of Solar dVPN, the community manages the servers that function as internet gateways. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of servers. They are all owned by different people and groups. This creates a massive decentralized network, and censors don’t have a single target. Solar dVPN is created to protect two concepts: Freedom of speech and Privacy.

Setting up your own Solar dVPN connection is simpler than it might seem.

Step 1. Download the Solar dVPN App

Every decent service has apps for popular operating systems such as Android and iOS, and Solar dVPN is no different. Simply install the dVPN app on your device Androidsmartphone and iPhone

Step 2. Activate the dVPN app and start browsing the internet safely and freely

You only need to complete the signup process now that you’ve downloaded the app.

If you want to utilize your email address, create a new Solar ID; however, with Solar dVPN services, you can take anonymity to a new level by not using an email address to sign up, instead utilizing the mnemonic.

Once it is set up, your app will look like in the picture below and you can access it by clicking on the Let’s Go of the app:

Step 3. Funding your app with Gems

Since the initial balance will be 0, you will need to buy some gems before you start using the app.

You will have the gems in your balance once the transaction is completed; you can now use your Gems to purchase bandwidth from the various node providers of your choice.

Step 4. Connecting to Nodes

You can navigate to any of the providers clicking on All Nodes in the main app menu screen as seen in the photo below. You can see an overview of the nodes across the world, divided by continent.

If you select Europe, you will be presented with a list of available nodes in Europe, which you can scroll through.

Choose whichever option best suits your needs, and you should be connected!

You’ve finished the process! You may now enjoy browsing the internet while remaining completely anonymous and secure.

The application is available from Google Play for Android devices as well as on Apple Store for Apple iOS devices.

SOLAR dVPN on the App Store (apple.com)

SOLAR dVPN — Apps on Google Play

SOLAR dVPN is the world’s first VPN marketplace, which is SECURE & ROBUST. Additionally, SOLAR dVPN enhances your online safety by using modern advanced protocols that do not impact the speed and reliability of your Internet connection.

For More Infomation:

Twitter: twitter.com/solarlabs_team

Telegram: https://t.me/solarlabs



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