An Overview of LP mining, Dual mining, Syrup, and Dragon’s Lair

Liquidity Mining

  1. Provide Liquidity to the pool of your choice on the Pool page.
  2. Receive LP Tokens (also called “Pool Tokens”) in exchange for your deposit (think of it as a sort of receipt, i.e. a redeemable proof of deposit).
  3. Deposit your LP tokens to the corresponding pool on the QUICK pools page.
  4. After you’ve confirmed all transactions on MetaMask, which it will automatically prompt you to do, that’s it! You’re now farming dQUICK!
  5. You can withdraw your liquidity at any time. If you wish to remove your tokens or transfer your liquidity to a different pool, simply follow these same steps in reverse order.

Dual Farming

  • LPs receive a portion of the trading fees the DEX collects from the pair in question. These rewards are paid out at several daily intervals and auto compounded into the LP’s position. They are paid in the 2 assets that are in the pool
  • After depositing liquidity, LPs deposit their LP tokens to earn $QUICK & $MATIC in the dual farming tab.
  • Head over to and add liquidity via the “Pool” tab. Deposit the specified coins required to participate in your desired dual-farming pair and receive LP tokens.
  • Then go to the “Farms” tab and select “Dual Mining” from the drop-down menu. Select the eligible pool and deposit the recently received LP tokens.

Dragon’s Syrup

  • From the QuickSwap Interface, click on the tab that says “Farms”. From the drop-down menu that appears when you hover over it, select “Dragon’s Syrup”.
  • Scroll through the assets that are available and select which pool(s) you’d like to farm. Then click “Deposit”
  • Once you find the pool you’d like to deposit in, click “Deposit QUICK”. Enter the number of QUICK tokens you’d like to stake to earn Syrup rewards. Then, click “Approve” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Wait a moment for the transaction to complete. When it does, click “Deposit” and confirm in your wallet one more time.

Dragon’s Lair

  • From the QuickSwap Interface click on the “Farms” tab in the top left corner. Then, click on “LP Mining”.
  • The first pool on the LP Mining page is the Dragon’s Lair. To stake your QUICK, click “Manage”, then click “Deposit”.
  • Click “Deposit”. Then enter the amount that you’d like to stake. Enter the amount you’d like to stake or stake everything in your wallet by clicking the “Max” button.
  • Wait for the transaction to confirm and once it has, you are earning trustless interest on your deposited QUICK!

About QuickSwap

  • Community Governance
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Yield Farming
  • Dual Farming
  • Layer 2 Transactions
  • Non-custodial trading



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