• Joseph Abia

    Joseph Abia

    I write about design, blockchain technology and everything in-between.

  • Godswill Edet

    Godswill Edet

    Software Developer | Content creator

  • Bassey Saviour

    Bassey Saviour

    I’m a relatable life writer . Web developer too ( without work😔) Occasionally sensible. I take alcohol because I hate it. I live in Canada with Airtel sim.

  • Iberedem Abiah

    Iberedem Abiah

    Digital Enthusiast Lover of Cryptocurrency Civil Engineer and Interior Decor.

  • Annie Alfred

    Annie Alfred

    A business enthusiast and a blockchain fanatic. Content creator, frontend developer, animation and motion text graphics design

  • Benjykriss


  • Obrienikart


  • Onuigwe Miriam

    Onuigwe Miriam

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