Qredo dMPC, a Superior Alternative to Multisig

3 min readJul 10, 2022

As the crypto-asset market slowly enters the mainstream, more and more treasuries and people are seeking solutions to safely store their assets.

I’ll outline a few reasons why Qredo dMPC is superior to multisig in this article.

What, though, is multisig?

A wallet that employs more than one private key to encrypt data linked to signatures is known as multisig. Multisig simply means that it requires more than one signature. For transactions to be carried out using single-signature wallets, just one digital signature produced by the wallet’s private key is required. With multisig wallets, it takes numerous signatures (as decided by the system) produced by various private keys to authorize and/or carry out transactions. Your funds are further secured by doing this.

Cons of multisig

  • Because multisig solutions are bound to certain blockchain addresses, they lack flexibility. Therefore, you must transfer assets to a new signing arrangement on the underlying chain if you wish to modify your custodial policies by adding or deleting a party. Additionally, the majority of multisig solutions have a signer cap of roughly 15, making it challenging to develop a solution that can expand to meet the demands of big businesses.
  • Even with intricate signature processes in place, corruption is still a possibility, particularly when personnel with access to keys depart the organization.
  • The procedure grows more complicated, time-consuming, and expensive the more signatures that are required to finalize a transaction. On underlying blockchains that are crowded, on-chain transactions might take hours to settle and have double- or triple-digit fees for ordinary, everyday operations.

Qredo’s dMPC

Multi-party computation is implemented in a distinctive way by Qredo called decentralized MPC.

Benefits of using decentralized MPC vs on-chain multisig for firms handling digital assets;

  • Adjustable signing schemes; Onchain multisig is rigid, making it difficult to employ in a professional context and impeding the successful growth of dynamic digital asset enterprises. If you need to change the signature scheme or add or remove a cosigner with multisig, you must first establish a new wallet, then pay network fees to transfer your cash, and then inform all of your trading partners of the new address. Otherwise, you run the risk of them transferring money to the wrong location. With Qredo’s decentralized MPC, approval voting members may be quickly adjusted to meet changing organizational requirements. As a result, you may keep the same address rather than having to change the entire amount whenever a cosigner is added or deleted. This lowers the operational overhead and lowers the risk of catastrophic errors.
  • Multichain support; Complex multi-signature methods can only be supported by a select few chains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, because the signature takes place on-chain, they can only handle assets linked to that particular chain. Unlike Bitcoin multisig, which only supports BTC, Ethereum multisig only supports ETH and Ethereum-based tokens. This implies that you will want several signature solutions if your business deals with a large variety of digital assets. On contrary, Qredo’s decentralized MPC is compatible with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Algorand-based assets e.t.c at the moment and will eventually support digital assets on 95% of all blockchains. Therefore, you can handle many assets on a single platform rather than having to juggle several signature systems.
  • Zero fees; Setting up multi-signature systems with third-party providers can be costly, and each on-chain transaction can be considerably more expensive than usual due to the added complexity. Qredo provides zero-fee custody, making it possible to set up and execute even the most sophisticated governance schemes for no cost.

Are you prepared to benefit from decentralized MPC?

When you open a Qredo Wallet, just choose an organization account and configure your signature methods and subaccounts to match your needs.

About Qredo

Qredo is a radical new blockchain infrastructure that delivers interoperability, lightning-fast settlement, and decentralized custody.

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