KeplerSwap is a professional decentralized trading platform that is built on blockchain technology. it provides participants with a comprehensive solution to identity security, asset security and autonomous trading on a combination of blockchains.

Kepler Structure

  1. Decentralized Exchange Protocol:

Initially, KeplerSwap offers a decentralized trading mechanism based on the BSC public blockchain. BUSD assets can be traded and placed on the platform by market participants. KeplerSwap will enable more decentralized exchange protocols to interoperate with other public blockchains using multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation features after a period of successful commissioning. At the end of the project, KeplerSwap will increase the technical support for DeFi development on public blockchains and describe the underlying technical standards for public blockchain interoperability.

2. Transaction Fee

On cryptocurrency exchanges, a transaction fee will be charged. KeplerSwap, unlike many other Decentralized Platforms, returns a considerable amount of transaction fees to its customers. Using the BUSD/SDS trading pair as an example, 95 percent of fees produced by trading SDS on the BUSD exchange will be returned to users, with the remaining 5% going to ecological development.

3. Liquidity Pools (‘LP’)

The public’s interest in DeFi operations has grown in terms of worldwide financial transactions. The primary driving force is “liquidity withdrawal,” which is a mechanism for initiating liquidity. From a financial transaction perspective, “yield farming” refers to the process in which DeFi users exchange assets with a certain deal and obtain the original deal token as a reward. The on-chain implementation of the DeFi protocol will be supported by KeplerSwap. The development of the entire ecosystem will be aided as more people contribute to the mining pool’s liquidity.

4. Lucky Pool

Lucky Pool is a program designed to reward active liquidity suppliers. The following are the entry requirements:

i. Top X% in liquidity market making contribution from weekly additional referrals Top Y% in liquidity providers.

ii. Users who fulfill the entry requirements have one and only chance to redeem the reward during that week.

iii. Bonus allotment: Only one lucky qualified user will get the 50% bonus from the pool and the remaining balance of 50% bonus will be allotted to remaining qualified users.

iv. Qualified users will be required to redeem the reward within 72 hours. If the reward is not redeemed, it will roll back to the pool for next week.

v. Above processes are generated by smart contract, fully disclosed and efficiently provisioned.

5. Horizontal Ecosystem

New users must acquire a referral relationship with existing users in order for KeplerSwap to maintain a sustainable ecosystem. While all referral relationships are permanently linked, the invitee’s revenue is related to the inviter. In order to develop a horizontal ecosystem, the invitee must make the initial asset exchange trade through the inviter based on the relationship. The inviter is then able to profit from the event.

6. Vertical Ecosystem

Users can invite more people to join community advocacy in order to provide more collective support for development. SPACE is a phrase used in the KeplerSwap environment to strengthen user vertical relationships, expand user rights, and achieve autonomous organization. All members of SPACE are committed to fostering decentralized autonomy. The following are SPACE features:(SPACE Creation), (SPACE Voting), (SPACE Interests), (Vote Counting), (Vote Withdrawal).

7. Mainstream Coins Exchange

KeplerSwap accepts a wide range of cryptocurrency transactions.
While KeplerSwap can preserve user stability in the operating environment, it will offer some popular cryptocurrency pairs on the mainstream public chain by employing multi-chain and crosschain compatibility for multi-currency assets.

8. Platform Governance Token

KeplerSwap plans to establish a token-based platform on the Kepler ecosystem in the future. The KeplerSwap ecosystem’s platform currency will be used for governance and to supplement other users’ rights and interests. It can also be used to deduct platform fees, as a bond guarantee, or as a deposit, as well as take part in governance. The creation of the platform token will improve the KeplerSwap trading platform.

9. Decentralized Lending and Flash Swap

i. Decentralized Lending: In the financial industry, a loan is a common product. Users can usually borrow money using a form of collateral, such as cash deposits. Home loans must always be repaid, and financial institutions can sell the underlying loan asset and seize the deposit to recoup the obligation. Financial loans that are believed to be relatively safe.All flash loan services on KeplerSwap DeFi 2.0 offer a more efficient, intelligent, and seamless customer experience. Multi-currency smart flash loans are supported by KeplerSwap. Users can borrow the relevant currency in accordance to their demands and the amount of funds available as collateral. KeplerSwap evaluates asset values and borrower risks using smart contracts as a “guarantor.”

ii. Flash Swap: Tokens from the KeplerSwap supply pool, which are used for “Flash” service, do not require collateral, and a Flash Swap can be completed by returning the Token as soon as the operation is through. When Tokens from the supply pool are returned, KeplerSwap enables a Flash Swap that supports two distinct Tokens.

10. Oracle

The KeplerSwap Oracle can read historical data multiple times to reduce cost.
Through a third-party chain call, the Oracle can easily calculate any price data from the previous 10 days. The Oracle can read the data multiple times, plus time weighting to save accumulated prices and also calculate a price with time weighting. This way, it prevents price imbalances due to artificial trading. It also prevents attackers from obtaining large range arbitrage.

11. Open Technology & Innovation

The goal of KeplerSwap is to make the DeFi 2.0 explorer platform accessible to the most open and innovative decentralized environment possible. KeplerSwap will bring together global geeks to co-create technological advances and expand the scope of decentralized finance.

Anyone can use the KeplerSwap DeFi platform because it uses a decentralized on-chain transaction method. Decentralized governance is a reality since no one has central control rights. In the future, there is no reason to trust pseudo-decentralized institutions. Machines and smart contract codes contain all trusts. Technically, blockchain protocols are open source. Anyone can contribute to the protocol to create new financial products, and KeplerSwap adoption will grow as a result of the network effect created by technological advancements.

12. Open Finance & Innovation

KeplerSwap’ s vision is to develop a completely open decentralized market making protocol. It is going to be a decentralized multi-chain and cross-chain financial platform based on public chain.


KeplerSwap is a professional decentralized trading platform that is built on blockchain technology. it provides participants with a comprehensive solution to identity security, asset security and autonomous trading on a combination of blockchains.






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Content Creator | Digital marketer | Digital Enthusiast

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