The Significance of MOCHA and BREW in Cafeswap Ecosystem

Cafeswap is a Cross-Chain AMM/DEX, Yield Farming, Yield Optimization & Staking Ecosystem. Surprisingly, no order book or any centralized party is required to execute the transaction. Cafeswap allows users to transact without intermediaries, with a high degree of decentralization and resistance to censorship.

What is BREW token?

The Cafeswap ecosystem’s governance token is BREW. Through the application of the governance system on-chain, community ownership can be shared.

Cafeswap is currently in a unique position for community-led development, expansion, and self-sustainability. The governance mechanism will make it easier to build and use the protocol, as well as the wider Cafeswap ecosystem’s future development.

As previously stated, the BREW token is the platform’s main token and hence has no hard cap (unlimited supply token).

Burning mechanisms and a lottery system will be used to control the supply of BREW, as well as other techniques to restrict the supply.

BREW’s basic information

Contract Address: 0x790Be81C3cA0e53974bE2688cDb954732C9862e1

Chain: Binance Smart Chain.

Decimals: 18.

Token Ticker: BREW

Deflationary Mechanism

  • Lottery Burning Mechanism.
  • IFO Burning Mechanism.
  • Buyback and Burn.

What are BREW tokens used for?

The main purpose of BREW is to encourage people to provide liquidity to the exchange. There would be far less of an incentive to supply liquidity if block rewards were not in place (LP fees etc. would remain). Also, holders of BREW have access to multiple services and products offered, like governance voting, staking, and the opportunity to participate in ICOs (Initial Cafe Offerings).

What exchange are BREW tokens listed on?

Existing BREW tokens can be purchased on platforms like BitMart by registering for an account.… or can be purchased on Cafeswap.

What is MOCHA token?

The MOCHA is created as a deflationary token to fuel cafeswap’s dual farming system, which maximizes brew rewards.

VIP advantages include the ability to participate in IFOs on CafeSwap, farm BREW, and earn MOCHA via CafeSwap Smart Vaults for holders of the token. There are also unique staking pools for MOCHA holders.

MOCHA’s basic information

Contract Address: 0xb0611177bb3ce464c512d84bfab0b9b33b01f534

Chain: Binance Smart Chain.

Decimals: 18.

Token Ticker: MOCHA

Total Supply : 500,000

Auditing smart contracts is an expensive proposition. Still, the protection of Brewers’ finances is paramount — and Cafeswap understands how critical quality audits are to you. They’ve been subjected to not one, but three audits. One is Obelisk, another is hashex, and one is Certik.

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the phrase ‘DYOR?’ by now. I strongly advise you to conduct your own research if you have not already done so.

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